The Tolerance immunity

What is that one undesirable need to express, what we do to people around us? Is technology making our lives happier or tenser? Do you feel weaker or stress-bound more often nowadays? How does something set a trend? Does life really tend to be harder or is it an illusion? Alright! It everyone’s dream to … Continue reading The Tolerance immunity


Know your week’ness

You’re about to hear an alien-weird conversation, prepare: Staff:  It’s been a long time and projects are still pending. I’ll give you another 150 hours to finish it. MD:   Just one day? It is too difficult sir. Give me a week. Staff: What? You need another extra 10 days? MD:   Yes, sir, the water reservoir … Continue reading Know your week’ness

Don’t blame Ɛ

Hey you! Sitting in the corner of the room, probably cursing math looking at the electric fan at the ceiling. Listen, not only you feel annoyed but most people who even enjoy doing math too. It is all because of perhaps the tiniest of the tiniest quantity that which inverts the situation. Guess what? It’s … Continue reading Don’t blame Ɛ

It’s a cloaky world…

Have you ever wondered at a chameleon? What knocks us now: its tongue being longer than its actual body size, it’s 360 degree and bi-directional eye view?….No, we’re all bussed up of its fact that it changes colour. Yeah! It is worth-noting right! This is what that makes those range of species so special and … Continue reading It’s a cloaky world…

It’s spread.

The superhero Flash, a forest fire, the yawn as soon as chemistry period starts, viz,.. are all comparatively much slower than what is to come. They are the end result of a well-borne secret. They are the gossips. They exist for two reasons: The psychological need to know much about the factor to check the … Continue reading It’s spread.


It’s a big dream, a day in life where the chirping of birds wakes us up, along with the breeze gently shoving up our window. Perhaps a big dream: a day where we live in our own desired crazy world abandoning all the chains that the society has imposed upon us. Sometimes taking a break … Continue reading Satisfied?

Irreplaceable haunt?

Haunting nearly centuries together, creating a panic and possessed as an undeclared epidemic throughout the world. Shhhhhh! That should not be spelled out loud, because at any given place and at any given time, we can always find someone defending its appraisal so badly. Yeah! Mathematics, it is! Undoubtedly, we would have at least heard … Continue reading Irreplaceable haunt?