Would you like some Peace?

Should we even be concerned about higher dimensions? The answer is a big yes! Our existence heavily depends on the dimension of matter around us. What if a sofa is a 0-dimensional object, can we sit in it comfortably or what if the air around us is 5 dimensional, how could we possibly breathe? The … Continue reading Would you like some Peace?


A space for everyone!

The misfortune is that the mechanism of tripling in a two-wheeler cannot be implemented in two sitters in buses. And moreover, with the on-growing special organ in front of our stomach, it might be only in a Utopian world, where the actual size of passenger’s butt match with the imagination with which the seat was … Continue reading A space for everyone!

What a figure!

It’s a tiring day; It’s a tiring day; you are at a bus stop; It’s a tiring day; you are at a bus stop; Bus seems to be late; It’s a tiring day; you are at a bus stop; Bus seems to be late; Sun keeps roasting; It’s a tiring day; you are at a … Continue reading What a figure!

Irrationals are the true rationals!

Do not body-shame numbers! Certainly one of the social stigma that has to be suppressed is the body shaming. Are certain numbers offended? If yes, what might be the mathematical equivalence of body shaming? Probably one of the expectation of a number is to be in a nice form. Nice form here means “to be … Continue reading Irrationals are the true rationals!

The Tolerance immunity

What is that one undesirable need to express, what we do to people around us? Is technology making our lives happier or tenser? Do you feel weaker or stress-bound more often nowadays? How does something set a trend? Does life really tend to be harder or is it an illusion? Alright! It everyone’s dream to … Continue reading The Tolerance immunity

Know your week’ness

You’re about to hear an alien-weird conversation, prepare: Staff:  It’s been a long time and projects are still pending. I’ll give you another 150 hours to finish it. MD:   Just one day? It is too difficult sir. Give me a week. Staff: What? You need another extra 10 days? MD:   Yes, sir, the water reservoir … Continue reading Know your week’ness

Don’t blame Ɛ

Hey you! Sitting in the corner of the room, probably cursing math looking at the electric fan at the ceiling. Listen, not only you feel annoyed but most people who even enjoy doing math too. It is all because of perhaps the tiniest of the tiniest quantity that which inverts the situation. Guess what? It’s … Continue reading Don’t blame Ɛ